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Blame It on the Alcohol: Women and the Stigma of Addiction

We’re getting pretty tired of hearing about how women shouldn’t drink because that puts them in danger. That they’re really the problem when it comes to sexual assault related to alcohol. Women tend to hide their substance abuse more, carrying it like it’s a heavy weighted shame. And it is, because that’s what they’ve been told all along. And what happens? When they really need it, women seek less treatment, less help. That’s a huge problem.

“There is a real stigma surrounding women who have alcohol and drug problems, and this stigma is one of the many reasons that prevent women from seeking help. Compared to men, women are less likely to enter treatment facilities for their alcohol problems. However, when women do seek treatment, they often tend to visit therapists and primary care doctors.”

Take a gander at this article written by a very special colleague and friend, Pam.


3 Ways Drug and Alcohol Rehabs Use Holistic Practices

Sorry for the hiatus! We’ve been busy collecting important information that we think will help you on your continued journey to sobriety from drugs or alcohol.

Instead of turning to drugs or alcohol for relief, when you learn about holistic practices, you learn how to focus on the mind, body and spirit for strength.

Yoga and meditation can help you to learn how to breathe and focus on the present. Breathing exercises can help you to get in touch with your physical reactions, which can help you to make positive, healthy choices when you want to reach for drugs or alcohol next…


Options, Hope and Barriers for Addiction in the LGBTQ Community


“The LGBTQ community has made positive gains toward equality through the years, but the trauma experienced by many is frequent. Being treated as if your sexual orientation doesn’t or shouldn’t matter explains why many succumb to substance abuse.” 

Pride month ended in June, but we’d rather not stop talking about the issues specific to addiction and recovery in the LGBTQ community. 

“Traditionally, gay culture is synonymous with the culture of drinking. It’s hard to change our ways, especially when the gay bar is a safe haven (despite the horrific attack in Orlando recently) and still means so much to so many people.”

When addicts who identify as LGBTQ can’t get the treatment they deserve due to a lack of LGBTQ friendly or inclusive rehabilitation centers, we need to examine the societal factors that both contribute to addiction, and prevent proper addiction treatment.

Check out this great article here, as featured on The Fix!


How Did I End Up This Way?

I would later learn that reaching out for help is the ultimate sign of mental strength, but that lesson was still far down the road.(1)

Wanted to share this terrific post from Quail Bell magazine, where a friend of mine shares a harrowing recovery story.

I was sick all the time, I had no friends left, my family no longer spoke to me, and all I wanted to do was get high. I didn’t care that I was damaging my brain and my body, I was 30 pounds underweight, and hadn’t slept in days. Right around that time the hallucinations start to come on. I had a handful of pills left and my only hope was that they would take the pain away. Of course they wouldn’t, but it was my final option.

I crushed them up and consumed them.

Read more here


It’s almost the weekend.

It's almost the weekend.

That used to mean I’d drink.
That used to mean I’d not only drink, but get drunk.

Where did my weekends go?

At first, it was difficult to go one weekend without drinking.
How else could I have fun?
It seemed like a joke:
that everyone else could consume,
and be drunk.

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How to Cope After Orlando While Sober


The attack at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando on Sunday is deemed the worst act of terrorism on American soil and the deadliest attack on the LGBT community in our nation’s history.

How do we recover from this? The emotional toll can be too much for some of us to handle. Our thoughts are consumed by what happened as the media continues coverage. Why, how could this happen?

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One Step at a Time

Some of us are afraid to be sober because we think it might be boring.

Everybody remembers me as the happy drunk.

You know, the one who can’t stop smiling. The one who talks too much, who hugs everyone, and dances recklessly to “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot at the bar.

It wouldn’t be the best night of my life if I didn’t capture it all on camera, taking a group selfie with people I don’t know. I was notorious for killing the vibe at the end of the night when my “friends” were forced to hunt for my keys because nobody wanted to drive me home.

All the while, I’m still dancing. Who knew the music had stopped?

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What’s next?

Ever feel like everything has fallen into place_

That no matter what happens just brushes off your shoulders. That for the first time in a long, long time you are finally at ease.

You have never felt or looked better in your life.
Your self-esteem is through the roof.
You feel as if you are floating on a cloud.

This is the feeling many drug addicts and alcoholics feel right after they quit drinking. It is known as the pink cloud and although relieving and amazing, it is a very dangerous place.

This “pink cloud” is not a permanent feeling, and will eventually dissipate. It is what you do after this euphoria that defines the rest of your life…

What is the Pink Cloud?

Can you still hold onto the pink cloud once you have learned how to stay sober?

Can you find the same kind of happiness throughout the rest of your sober years?

This blog was created to explore those questions and more. Ultimately, in letting go of the pink cloud, we can actually hang onto the pink cloud.

Being sober is like flexing a muscle. Once we learn how to use muscles that we are not in tune with, we get a little sore. But the more you work at sobriety, you get a little stronger every day.

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