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When You Relapse Again


Relapse is like a bad friend that you know doesn’t serve you and your purpose, someone who breaks you down, someone who is the thorn in your side. But you allow them to come into your life anyway. You think that this time, it’ll be different. They’re in disguise, because nothing has changed. You’ve taken charge of your sobriety, therefore you can take charge of moderation. But it’s relapse in disguise.

You let your guard down, and buy into the fantasy that moderation is possible. But you do it again, and again. Remember that saying, that alcohol, if anything, is a disease of amnesia?

That proves to be true for you: that using something to numb the pain, if only momentarily, is the best way for dealing with your problems. How easy it is to forget.

They stack up: the anxieties at work, the problems at home, the lack of time spent on self-care. You aren’t careful and those things begin to feel overpowering, like a big weight on your chest. They start to eat away at your coping mechanisms, nipping at your subconscious.

So you take off that weight the best way you know how.

It’s best to return to sobriety knowing that you haven’t been defeated. Your return is your strength. It’s possible to snap back after relapse. But identifying what brought you there in the first place is what’s going to prevent you from letting go again.


How Does Ear Acupuncture Help With Recovery?

Addiction plays out through the mind and the body. This means that while we might be treating the mental side of addiction, we need to care for ourselves physically, too.


It might seem strange, but acupuncture is a good technique in dealing with addiction recovery. Read more in this post by another member of the Perpetual Cloud collective, Zena.

Should You Assess Your Drinking Habits?

For many who begin the journey down the road to sobriety, it begins with a realization – that they can’t continue with the same life they lead. For many, this realization takes place in the form of an assessment.

It’s important to check yourself, even if you’re certain that your habits don’t seem to put you at risk. 

Check out yet another post by Simone Flynn.

Self-Medicating and Substance Abuse

“I completely avoided all social settings and stopped doing all hobbies; my mood swings were too drastic to be around people. Everything irritated me. I was no longer a part of anything except for my own room. I would often wish I was sucked into a hole in the ground and that the world would just absorb me. I loved the thought of being sucked into oblivion by a black-hole.”

Hang in there.It is astonishing how short a time it can take for very wonderful things to happen. (4).png

Self-medication is a very  common trigger for substance abuse. The same reasons why you abandon your hobbies, avoid friends, and treat yourself unhealthily can become the reasons for developing an addiction.

Check out this addiction story about avoidance, isolation, and acceptance, from yet another member of the Perpetual Cloud Collective, Simone Flynn.

Why Do Men and Women Drink?

Hang in there.It is astonishing how short a time it can take for very wonderful things to happen. (3).png

Women drink for specific reasons, and reasons that are distinct from male triggers. But there’s a troubling stigma associated with women who drink.

A man with alcohol or drug problems must be under a lot of stress because of all his responsibilities. A woman with alcohol or drug problems can’t deal with her problems and should be scorned or pitied.

If women receive treatment more catered to their specific needs, they might have more success in the realm of addiction treatment. But first, it is essential to unpack why the stereotypes surrounding women who drink are so specifically negative.

Can Virtual Reality Help Addicts Recover?

Hang in there.It is astonishing how short a time it can take for very wonderful things to happen. (2).png

Pretty interesting, right?

Navigating triggers through a virtual reality landscape seems to be a major breakthrough in the realm of addiction studies.

What do you think – could virtual reality work for you on your journey to sobriety? What kind of situations would you put yourself in, in order to deal with triggers?

Check out this guest post about virtual reality and addiction treatment, written by a member of the Perpetual Cloud Collective.

“Nurse Jackie” is More Real than You Think

its-almost-the-weekend-1 There’s a lot of awesome nurses out there, treating patients struggling with drug or alcohol abuse. But what happens when the nurses themselves are the addicts?

The Truth About Natural Sleep Aids


Do you ever feel like you’re NOT tired?

It seems like everyone these days is running on less and less sleep. The brighter our screens, the longer we use our phones, the earlier we get up…the less rested we feel.

At the same time, doctors won’t hesitate to load you down with sleeping pills, which we all know,  might be a highly addictive benzodiazepine.

A lot of people want a fast-acting solution. But did you know that lavender, valerian root, chamomile and kava, among other herbal remedies, can be just as effective as a benzodiazepine? Yup! It’s true.

When you’re in recovery, it’s likely that you have a hard time sleeping at first. It takes time to adjust to a new circadian rhythm, unaffected by drugs or alcohol. But these solutions can really help, even if it takes some time to adjust.

Being Sober in Your 20s

“I fell into the grip of addiction in my teenage years. I started drinking and abusing drugs at the young age of 13. Around the same time I was diagnosed with ADHD. I was prescribed Adderall and realized it was the perfect compliment to my marijuana habit. I had the perfect balance… Or so I thought. The Adderall kept me up and the weed mellowed me out. Little did I know I was self medicating.”

Sometimes, sobriety is gained at a very early age. But for those who are continually exposed to substances throughout their college years, maintaining sobriety can become very difficult. Read more here about how Ben was able to release his inner child, and learn how to stay sober.


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